Almost everything about Vuelve Carolina

How old is Vuelve Carolina?

Vuelve Carolina was born a few months after we set-up Mercatbar, (first restaurant owned by Quique Dacosta in Valencia, located at C/Joaquín Costa, 27, in the Ensanche neighbourhood) specifically Christmas 2010. A restaurant defined from the outset as a “Tapas, bar, table” located in the heart of Valencia.

What was the aim?

It was a firm commitment to reach the public at large, with good prices and the ambition of providing dynamic and sincere cuisine. We also opted to design the space, the dishes and the winery. All perfectly selected to channel the world's culinary trends through our dishes. We opted for a large bar to boost this concept that we love so much.

The decision to open was taken at a difficult time socio-economically speaking, but based on the conviction that society would respond very favourable to the proposal.

On balance how successful do you think Vuelve Carolina has been?

We have grown with our customers. Our team has always been up to the task, and interested in our customers' needs and concerns on a day-to-day basis. Our kitchen and front of house teams have maintained a high level of ambition and thoroughness, whilst competing very successfully against other culinary propositions that have sprung up in recent years in the city.

We have become a reference, a “must-eat” in Valencia both for valencians and for those who visit us from abroad.

Why do we cook what we cook?

The world changes so fast, it offers so many interesting things. We love cooking the latest trends. At Mercatbar we cook world trends, and Vuelve is the perfect complement to that concept. We want our dishes to surprise and delight. We love things from abroad, but we don't cease to make dishes based on tradition with a twist. It is a mixture that we love and hope our customers will too. We also like our customers to be interested in trying different wines, to let themselves be led by our wine-pairings, as the work invested by Manuela Romeralo selecting our winery is key to enriching the culinary experience. We are currently really interested in how our dishes can be combined with different beers, and are offering perfect parings for some of our tapas, to enrich the experience further still.

What small or large things happen at Vuelve Carolina?

We are pleasantly surprised that people from outside of Valencia choose to visit us each year, and that they feel at home. People viewing the mascletás in the restaurant doorway during the fallas before having lunch. We enjoy the atmosphere generated so much that we are almost a part of it.

It is a delight to see how we have boosted the concept of the bar in Valencia, and that people seek out Chus, for a bite or for a bear and a tapa.

And lastly, compulsory questionWhat or who is the restaurant named after? 

There are many legends behind the name, but only she knows the truth... Carolina.